About Me And You

I stop when the heart begins to melt because of longing …
Stare at the sun, because today everything must end
Hold my finger, because we may not go back to these times …
Hug me, because really … I want to ..

My first touch your color, when the heart is barren, full of dust ….
Just as Oase who raised the desire to share the dream .. you come bring me love ..
You keep me down, reflect, and look deep into your beautiful eyes
Really .. I had drowned and swept away in a sea of ​​forbidden love this ..

When I closed my eyes, flashed a desire to take you deep into the life
When this heart I assure that you can survive with all of my situation at this time
There is always something that forces me to think back to go further
Until this point, I have to answer … why is my heart often falter

Honestly …. from the deepest bottom of my heart .. I say …
I love you …… I love you … I will always miss you …..
With all the advantages and disadvantages that you have
Up to make you hate me because I feel this …

 March 29, 10, we decided to Cross the ocean-full wave together
Armed with that wounded hearts, trying to ignore the pain, hopeful, wishful skies hang …
Although almost wet cheeks with tears in disbelief …
Bitter …. When you say every word wrapped story about you and him …
But anyway, I could do it all … and hope, no more stories that come out of your mouth about your past, because I still vividly remember the pain …

Since then, my days are no longer boring …
Since then, no face and your color in any room in your heart and fikiranku
There’s your smile, your eyes and your voice on the sidelines I sigh …
Really, you are so giving meaning in the story of my life

Until I realized, I’m not the person you’re looking for …

I’m not a prince in your dream …
I am not in the carrier portion masadepanmu,
I’m just a dreamer, who can hinder you to find the other parts of your heart ..
I can not be without limit in your eyes …
Sometimes I also can not always be by your side when you need me ..
I can not promise you a wonderful time for you,
I’m well aware of all this torture you … me and our memories
When we could no longer united, …
Really ….
I would still learns to always be for you,
Although no longer possible for me your heart intact ..
May you find your true love, without limit … until the world knows ….
Surely there is room in your beautiful eyes ..
The space just deserves to be filled with sincere love with heart …

I Love You …
Thank you, for all the affection and love .. that would make me really miss you ..
Do not forget me .. indeed, this story is so sweet snippets of my life,
Although “we just got here ….”
Maybe, until I come back again …

Indahnya Memiliki Kamu

Adakalanya aku termenung mengingat masa-masa indah kita

Aku sepertinya menemukan sebuah titik dari ujung perjalananku selama ini

Diantara serpihan hati yang sempat bertebaran

Aku justru merasakan dirimulah yang pertama kali membuat jantung ini berdetak

Pertama kali aku tergila gila untuk terus mengejar diri kamu

Pertama kali pula begitu aku membanggakan dirimu disetiap bait kata yang aku buat.


Cinta yang terjalin menghapuskan keraguan selama ini

Kuciptakan bait aroma sebuah rasa

Dari rasa perbedaan yang ingin kita satukan

Selalu terucap aku sayang kamu dan aku cinta kamu

Terkadang ada desiran ucapan Ingin memiliki kamu selamanya


Diantara kesempurnaan cinta yang terjalin

Aku selalu bisa dan ada tatkala dirimu membutuhkan aku

Walau terkadang sekejap aku merasa pria yang dikungkung

Dikungkung belenggu cintamu…tapi aku tahu

Cintamu bukanlah sebuah penjara hati

Tapi cintamu adalah kunci semua harapan yang aku impikan

Sebuah harapan untuk mengunci hati ini dari hati yang lainnya


Karena kini aku adalah milikmu untuk sekarang dan selamanya

Story Roses

Once upon a time, there was one young man who has a rose seed. He wanted to grow roses in the garden behind his house. Fertilizer and has prepared a small shovel. Rushing, also prepared a small pot place the rose will grow. The choice of the best pot and put the pot in the corner that gets enough sunlight. He hoped that these seeds can grow perfectly.

Disiraminya the rose seeds every day. Diligently, nursed the tree. Do not forget, if there is a disturbing grass, disianginya immediately to avoid food shortages. Some time later, the flower buds begin to grow. Petals seemed to chap, though the colors do not look perfect. This young man was happy, hard work coming to fruition. Investigates the flowers carefully. He looked surprised, because it grew too small spines that cover the stems. He regretted that the sharp spikes coincided with the breaking of this beautiful flower. Sure, the thorns will disturb the beauty of his roses.

The youth looked muttered to myself, “Why of this beautiful flower, grows a lot of sharp thorns? Of course this will menyulitkanku to take care of him later. Every time kurapihkan, always hurt my hand. There’s always a part of my skin being scratched. Ah this work just makes me sick. I’m not going to let my hands bleed because this penganggu thorns. “

Eventually, the young man seemed reluctant to heed his roses. He began to not care. Rose was never watered again every morning and evening. She let that disturb grass growing roses. Lids before starting chap, now looks flushed glazed. The leaves that grow on each stalk started to fall one by one. Finally, before fully developed, even the flower wither and wilt.

The human soul, is also like the story said. In every life, there is always a ‘rose’ is embedded. God entrust to us for treatment. God’s glory is the one who put us in every heart. Like the flowering gardens, in fact in our souls, there is also a budding roses and thorns are going broke.

But unfortunately, many of us only see the “thorn” is growing. Many of us who only see the bad side of us will develop. We often deny the existence of our own. We often disappointed with ourselves and do not want to accept it. We think that the only things that will grow from hurting us. We refuse to water the “good things that actually exist. And finally, we come back disappointed, we never understand our potential.

Many people who did not think they actually have a beautiful rose in the soul. Many people are not aware, the roses. We, often preoccupied with thorns and thistles weaknesses kepesimisan-thistles in this heart. Other people who sometimes have to show it.

If we could find the “roses” beautiful soul who grew up in it, we will be able to ignore the spikes that appear. We will be motivated to make it will make it broke, and continued to split up dozens of new shoots will appear. At any shoots that will bear fruit shoots happiness, tranquility, peace, which would fulfill the gardens of our souls. Enjoyment of the loveliest is the time we managed to show us about the roses and thorns ignore emerging.

Will adorn the fragrant scent of our days. Aroma beauty it offers, is like a soothing calm water lake liver complications. Let us find “the roses” tranquility, happiness, peace is within our souls. Maybe, yes, maybe, we will also meet with briers and thorns, but that should not make us despair. Perhaps, our hands will be scratched and wounded, but it should not make us sad plight.

Let the beautiful roses that broke your heart. Let the petals emit light of His glory. Let the stems hold firm hopes and dreams. Let pistil-pistil which contains the seed and seed new happiness to you. Spread shoots it to every person we meet, and let them also find other beautiful roses in their souls. Convey greetings, so that we can reap the seeds of the rose of love to every person, and to foster kembangkannya in the gardens of our hearts.